Respect must be shown by following the hygiene rules
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Respect must be shown by following the hygiene rules

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, the government has issued a health code to pay homage at the central Shaheed Minar in the capital on February 21, International Mother Language Day. In an inter-ministerial meeting on the day, several instructions were given to follow the hygiene rules at the Shaheed Minar.

No one will be allowed to enter the Shaheed Minar premises without a mask. A maximum of five people from each organization and two people at the individual level will be able to lay flowers at the Shaheed Minar. Basin and liquid soap for hand washing will be provided at all entrances of Shaheed Minar.

However, on the first morning of Ekushey, these instructions were seen to be ignored in the central Shaheed Minar. Many people blame the heat as an excuse if they want to know the reason for not wearing a mask despite government instructions. They say we came after the mask. However, waiting in line for a long time made me feel hot, so I took off my mask. Again, many say we have vaccinated. Even if you don’t wear a mask, there is no problem.

However, many conscious people who came to pay their respects were also seen following the government instructions. Talking to them, they said they are following the health rules in their interest, and they think the risk of corona can still be blown away.

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