Amar Ekushey Book Fair has made spring colorful
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Amar Ekushey Book Fair has made spring colorful

After overcoming various fears, Amar Ekushey Book Fair-2022 has started on 15th February. The fair has been frozen since the first day. The book fair was crowded with people, visitors, readers, writers, publishers, and sales associates from the very first day.

When the fair was in full swing, the presence of young readers was found all over the fairgrounds. Those young people who want to keep the light of knowledge burning in their eyes and minds come to the book fair with the joy of life. In the joy of creation, they came to find books on various subjects in an attempt to innovate.

Some young readers choose thrillers, and some prefer the novel. However, Humayun Ahmed and Zafar Iqbal books are at the top of the demand of the youth. The writers are also positively looking at the vocal presence of the youth.

Publishers and salespeople say that the crowds have dwindled with the increase in book fair hours. Everyone is thinking, and there is more time, I will go to the end. They further said that with the increase in the time of the fair, the sales have also decreased a bit along with the public gathering.

Today 108 new books have come to the fair. Of these, 18 are stories, 12 are novels, 2 are essays, 60 are poems, 2 are research, one is rhyme, one is children’s book, one is about liberation war, one is about travel, 2 is about politics, one is about Bangabandhu, 2 is about science fiction and 5 others.

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