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Bangladesh will provide 50,000 dollars to Palestinian refugees

In a conference held at the United Nations Headquarters, Bangladesh has pledged 50,000 USD to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) for 2023.

On Saturday (June 03), the Bangladesh Permanent Mission of the United Nations reported this information.

Bangladesh has been providing this donation to UNRWA since 2018 as a reflection of the strong commitment of the government and people of Bangladesh towards the just struggle of the Palestinian people.

The conference was convened by the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Saba Qureshi. The Commissioner General of UNRWA briefed the member countries on various aspects of UNRWA’s work on Palestine refugees and their dedicated agency.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Bangladesh appointed to the United Nations in New York. Md. Manowar Hossain announced the pledge of financial support on behalf of Bangladesh government. In his speech, expressing concern over the ongoing funding shortfall of UNRWA, he said emphasis should be placed on sustainable, predictable and adequate funding security. But providing financial support alone is not the solution, the only solution to this crisis is to end Israel’s responsibility for illegal occupation by achieving a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders.

UNRWA was established in 1949 by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly as a humanitarian and development agency to provide assistance and protection for a just and permanent solution to the plight of Palestine refugees. Currently, 5.9 million Palestinians are registered as refugees with this organization.

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