Privacy & Cookie Policy


GMT News24 is committed to protecting any user’s personal data while you are using any of our services or digital platform. The privacy policy covers any kind of use/collection of data that will happen when you are using our services. This policy will also cover:

  • All type of GMT News24 services will be linked to this “Privacy Policy”.
  • All type of social media interaction or official GMT News24
  • All type of mobile, any electronic device and digital platforms.

All the above stated services will be covered with the “Privacy Policy” if the content is truly generated by GMT News24. If the content is not generated by GMT News24, our “Privacy Policy” will not cover or take any kind of responsibility regarding any type of data loss or harm.

GMT News24 may collect data for various purposes including but not limited to services that are designed for good user experience, to serve the user content that are appropriate, to improve our service offerings, for marketing or targeted ad purposes. The collected data may include name, address, national id number, mobile number, email address, social media accounts, age, gender etc.

GMT News24 may have other services which might have a different “Privacy Policy”. Users are encouraged to read each “Privacy Policy” thoroughly before signing up to any of our services. GMT News24 will respect its user’s privacy and will not use the data for any other purposes except the purpose which it was collected for.

Required Attention:

There may be other fake websites/services & social media outlets named similarly after GMT News24. We will not be responsible for any type content generated, shared or published by those outlets/ pages. We will also not cover any type of harm done by them to any user. Users are requested to justify which service they are signing in for and maintain precaution.

When We Collect Information:

GMT News24 will only collect data if a user accesses our services/digital platform. We collect information when a user:

  • Registers to our website or digital platform.
  • Participates to a contest or responds to a survey.
  • Logs in to our website or any digital platform.

The criteria might change about when we collect information about you. We will make sure that you know when such changes appear.


It is not the policy of GMT News24 to trade, sell or provide any type of data to other companies/data miners. GMT News24 might also share information internally to better understand its user base, promote certain news to increase user engagement.

GMT News24 will seek for user consent if any time the data is required for use in any other purposes. GMT News24 is bound by the existing laws of Bangladesh. As such we will have release collected data of a specific user if it is requested by any legal authority of the government.

GMT News24 may disclose or share information to service providers, affiliated companies, consultants or advisors to perform business related functions on its behalf. We might also share data to respond to a legal process. The information might also be used to prevent any type of illegal activity or to protect someone form harm. How-ever if any information needs to be disclosed, GMT News24 will try its best to make sure that the given data is used for the intended purpose only.

Data Retention:

GMT News24 will hold data/personal information while user account exists in its website or any other digital platform. The data will be deleted after account suspension/ deletion. How-ever GMT News24 will hold data for a certain period of time after the account deletion/suspension as it might take some time for the deletion process and we will not bear any responsibility after the deletion process is initiated. We might also hold data longer as per its internal data retention policy.


GMT News24 will serve some advertisement in our digital platform in order to keep our business running as it is a “Free-of-Cost” service. These third-party advertisements might have their own “Privacy Policy”. We will not be responsible for any type of data collection or breach of privacy that might occur as a result of the redirection. We will also not take any responsibility if those redirected website share, trade or sell any of your personal information.

Cookie Policy:

GMT News24 does not collect or store cookie as a per user basis. If any other third-party services collect cookies as a per user basis, then we are not responsible. Therefore, users should always check the use of these cookies while visiting these third-party websites.

We do not take any responsibility if any ad redirected website collect any kind of data as well. Because they are not associated with GMT News24 in any way. We can assure you that GMT News24 or our parent company does not do any type of trading or selling of user data.

Modification of Privacy Policy:

GMT News24 holds all the rights to change the “Privacy Policy” at any time if necessary. How-ever if such scenario occurs, then we will be sure to let you know. After any change to our “Privacy Policy” if you continue to use our services, means you agree to our modified “Privacy Policy”. So, we encourage users to check the “Privacy Policy” occasionally to see if there is any notable change or not.