TK 4 crore 66 lakh has been allocated for victims in Corona
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Allocation of 12 crore TK and 23 thousand tons of rice to help victims

Strict restrictions are in place across the country to prevent the spread of the epidemic coronavirus, on the other hand, storms and rains. And it has brought down extreme misery in the lives of hardworking people. The government has allocated Tk 117 million and 23,630 metric tons of rice across the country to help the affected people.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, 5,450 metric tons of rice and Tk 31 million have been allocated in favor of the deputy commissioners in 64 districts of the country to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims of various natural calamities including Kovid-19. A total of 3,260 tons of rice and a total of Tk 3.28 crore have been allocated in favor of 328 municipalities in 64 districts of the country to provide similar assistance.

According to the allocation terms, rice and money should be distributed as humanitarian assistance to unemployed and destitute people including transport workers on priority basis in the face of various natural calamities and Covid-19. People who are eligible for humanitarian assistance by calling 333 will have to pay food assistance (rice, pulses, salt, oil, potatoes, etc.) from the allotment.

The person or family who fulfills four of the 12 conditions should be considered as distressed and should be assisted. Conditions include those who have no land other than a homestead, a family that depends on the income of a day laborer, a family that depends on the income of a female worker or a beggar, a family that does not have an adult male member, a family that has to work to earn a school-going child There is no wealth, the head of the family is abandoned, the head of the family is the indigent freedom fighter, the head of the family is indigent and disabled, the family has not received any microcredit, the family is in dire need of food or money due to natural calamities and Bella doesn’t get food.

The list should be made in such a way that more than one person from the same family is not allotted VGF card. The allotment letter states that the distribution should be ensured by July 19 in compliance with the allotted rice conditions.

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