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No one should hoard food during Ramadan: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the government had taken necessary measures so that people do not suffer during the month of fasting. However, he asked everyone to be careful so that no one can hoard or black market food products. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said these things at a discussion meeting organized by Awami League on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Sunday. He presided over this meeting. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said that we work for the people of this country. Our goal is to change the fate of the people of the country that the father of the nation has given us. The month of Ramadan is ahead, we have arranged everything that people need so that people do not suffer.
At the same time, we all have to keep an eye on this so that no one can stockpile those foods and sell them on the black market. The Prime Minister said that Bangladesh became the champion of corruption five times during BNP. Corruption is their policy and plunder. They were bringing Bangladesh into a complete heap of destruction. They wanted to come to power by stealing the votes of 1 crore 23 lakh votes but the people of Bangladesh did not accept it. As a result of which the agitation and the subsequent state of emergency were due to their misdeeds. Two years later we came to power in the elections. He said those forces were in power for 29 years, what did they give? And Awami League is in power, this country is improving. Today, BNP leaders are giving continuous speeches that we have made the country a boil, we have finished the country. The country is destroyed. Now the point is that if someone is blind with eyes, nothing can be shown to him. We announced Digital Bangladesh, we have made it Digital Bangladesh. Bangabandhu launched the satellite. Wi-Fi connection, the Internet is being used all over Bangladesh. About 8 crore people use the internet, and 13 crore use mobile SIM. They are using this opportunity, but nothing has been done. The private television provided by us is also using it. Digital Bangladesh given by us, is also using it. And still saying that we have not done anything, said the Prime Minister.

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