Taliban seizes half of Afghanistan's district headquarters
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Taliban seizes half of Afghanistan’s district headquarters

The Taliban took control about half of Afghanistan’s district headquarters, according to the US military head. In doing so, he signaled the country’s rapidly deteriorating security situation, according to Reuters.

“Although no provincial capital has yet been captured by the Taliban, they are increasing the pressure on their borders,” said Mark Millie, a senior U.S. general.

General Mark Millie said, more than 200 of Afghanistan’s 419 district headquarters were under Taliban control.

Last month, he said the Taliban controlled 61 district headquarters.

Although the rebel group has not yet taken control of any of the provincial capitals, Millie said it is putting pressure on the suburbs of half of those cities.

In response, Afghan government forces are strengthening their position to ensure the safety of citizens in the capital. And after the Eid-ul-Azha holiday, the government forces can increase the number of attacks step by step.

Besides, the two sides could not decide on a ceasefire during the Afghan-Taliban talks in Doha. Since then, 15 diplomatic missions and NATO envoys in Afghanistan have called for an end to attacks on the Taliban.

The Taliban launched a major offensive to seize control of various districts and border crossings soon after US-led foreign forces withdrew from Afghanistan. This led to fighting in the country’s provinces and increased insecurity across the country.

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