First the university, step by step the secondary will be opened: Dipu Moni
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First the university, step by step the secondary will be opened: Dipu Moni

Once all the students aged 18 and above are vaccinated and the infection goes down further, the educational institutions will be reopened, said the Education Minister Dipu Moni. She was responding to reporters’ questions at a national mourning ceremony at the International Mother Tongue Institute on Sunday (August 15th).

As the days go by, the pressure from different quarters is increasing to open educational institutions. Not only parents and teachers, but also UNESCO and UNICEF, an international organization working on education, have suggested opening educational institutions. Parents and teachers say that even though everything is on, why are the educational institutions closed. And UNESCO and UNICEF say there is no waiting for the transition to zero. And all teachers and students cannot wait until they are vaccinated.

However, a large number of parents have called on the government to take into account the risks involved in sending their children to school. The National Advisory Committee on Covid advised not to open educational institutions unless the corona infection is below 5 percent. Currently, coronary infections are 20 percent. A few days ago, the rate was 30 percent. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Then the question arises, how to open an educational institution. Will we wait until then.

The country’s educational institutions have been closed since March 17 last year due to coronavirus infection. According to the latest announcement of the government, this holiday is till 31st August. Due to the closure of educational institutions for 17 months, the education of about 4 crore students of the country has suffered a great loss. Tests are canceled or delayed. In such a reality, Corona is trying to keep students active in various ways including TV, radio and online classes, assignments. But the reality is that the way things are taught in the classroom, it is not happening through all this. Again, not everyone is getting the benefit of this. The mental and physical development of children is also being hampered. Following the decision to reopen almost everything after the ban on corona infection, discussions are now underway to reopen the educational institution.

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