The Taliban's first official press conference
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The Taliban’s first official press conference

The Taliban held its first official press conference in Kabul on Tuesday (August 17th) after seizing the capital. Taliban’s spokesman appeared at the press conference with different messages for the citizens of the world and his own country.

“After 20 years of struggle, we have liberated the country and expelled foreigners,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s chief spokesman. It is a moment of pride for the whole nation. We want to make sure that Afghanistan is no longer a battlefield of conflict. We have forgiven all who fought against us. The enmity is over. ‘

He also reiterated the Taliban’s commitment to important issues such as non-retaliation, protection of women’s rights and protection of terrorists.

“The position of women in society will be very active, but it will be limited to the Islamic framework. We are committed to women’s rights under Sharia law. They will work shoulder to shoulder with us. We want to assure the international community that, there will be no discrimination. “

The spokesman said the media should not act against us. They should work for the unity of the nation. We are committed to the media within our cultural framework. Nothing should go against Islamic values ​​in the work of the media. The media should focus on our shortcomings so that we can serve the nation.

The Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Sunday (August 15th). As a result, the Western-backed Afghan government has collapsed. However, the question remains whether the Taliban will get the support of the outside world even if they come to power. But Britain’s Daily Mail reports that China is preparing to recognize the Taliban as a “legitimate government” in Afghanistan.

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