Taliban urging Afghans to join their work
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Taliban urging Afghans to join their work

Armed Taliban members are urging Afghans to go from house to house and join their work. Witnesses said they started the work on Wednesday. News from Reuters.

Locals’ earnings have been affected by the departure of foreigners after mass destruction during the 20-year war between the Taliban and the US-led military. The country’s economic crisis has reached its peak due to inflation and lack of dollars.

The Taliban said in a press conference on Tuesday that it wanted to rebuild the damaged economy after occupying the capital, Kabul. They also called for a general amnesty for all Afghan government officials and called for them to return to work with “full confidence”.

At the press conference, the Taliban promised peace, prosperity and the right to work in accordance with Sharia law, but the panic did not abate.

Dozens of people from the capital Kabul to Herat in the west, Lashkar Gah in the south and Mazar-i-Sharif in the north told Reuters on Wednesday that the Taliban had made unannounced visits to their homes.

Wasima (38) a resident of the western city of Herat, said she was shocked when three armed Taliban members showed up at their home on Wednesday morning.

She said they took note of his details, inquired about the relief agency she worked for, asked how much she was paid, and asked her to return to work.

A Taliban spokesman was contacted for comment but did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Taliban took control of Kabul on Sunday in a nationwide crackdown. Since then, most areas of the capital have been depopulated, with most shops closed.

The only busy road in the capital city is now the airport road. Many are trying to leave the country on flights designed to evacuate diplomats, locals said.

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