Army seizes power in Guinea: President arrested
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Army seizes power in Guinea: President arrested

Guinea’s military has seized power in a coup. Troops have imposed a nationwide curfew. They arrested President Alpha Conde, repealed the constitution, and overthrew the government.

The coup is said to have been led by Colonel Mamadi Dumboar.

“After the arrest of the president, we decided to repeal the constitution and dissolve the government,” said an army officer wearing a military uniform.

He added that Guinea’s land and air borders would remain closed.

A nationwide curfew will remain in place until further notice, a statement said.

Expressing hope for the restoration of democracy in the impoverished West African country, Mamadi alleged that Conde had turned politics into his own property. He did nothing to improve the economic and social conditions of the country.

“We no longer believe in one-man politics,” he said. We want to hand over power to the people.

He added that Guinea is beautiful. There is no need to oppress him. We need to love him.

Conde (83), was elected president for the third time last year in a violent election.

US State Department, meanwhile, has condemned the coup, saying there is a limit to US capacity to support Guinea.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the coup on Twitter and called for Conde’s immediate release.

In addition, the French Foreign Ministry, the chairman of the African Union d. Congolese President Felix Tishekedi also condemned the coup and called for Conde’s immediate release.

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