Lebanon announced a new government after 13 months
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Lebanon announced a new government after 13 months

Crisis-stricken Lebanon is waiting for a new government. The country announced a new government on Friday after 13 months.

Wealthy Najib Mikati has become the Prime Minister of Lebanon for the third time. He and President Michel Aoun signed the order to form a new government in the presence of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

A statement from the Lebanese president’s office said.

The country has had no government for more than a year. The country is in a severe economic downturn. In this context, a new cabinet was needed to get international assistance. But analysts say they will have to wait and see if the cabinet has the capacity to make the necessary reforms.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati said, the situation is very difficult. But we will use every moment to ensure that our daily needs are met and to call on international organizations. And if we come together as Lebanese, nothing is impossible. We have to put our hands together. We are all going to work together with hope and determination.

Earlier, Speaker Nabih Berri showed President Michelle Aoun a final list of those in the cabinet. He then went to the Presidential Palace to meet him. Later, the name of the new Prime Minister was announced at the press conference.

Like the previous government in Lebanon, new ones have been brought to important positions in this government. Yusuf Khalil, a senior central bank official, has been appointed finance minister. Firas Abid has been given the responsibility of health minister. He is a specialist at the country’s government-run Rafiq Hariri University Hospital. He came into wide discussion working to deal with the Corona epidemic.

The new government will have to face a huge challenge. The economic situation of the country is very fragile. Banks are on the verge of bankruptcy. The power situation is also very fragile. It is possible to supply electricity to the people of the country for only a few hours.

Besides, the new government will also have to hold parliamentary elections on time. The election is scheduled to be held next year.

Meanwhile, analysts say there is no other way for international aid to improve the situation in economically devastated Lebanon.

But the fear is that Western countries have recently lost their patience over Lebanon.

The United States and the European Union have called on the new government to speed up reform.

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