The decision to open the university after September 27
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The decision to open the university after September 27

The final decision on opening the university will be taken after September 27. The decision was taken at a meeting of the university’s vice-chancellors with Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni.

The Dhaka University Syndicate and the Academic Council may announce the final decision on the university’s opening, the statement said.

Compulsory registration of vaccines must be completed by September 27 for all students. All students of the country’s universities have to complete the ticker registration in the security app within this period. Once the registration is completed, the students can go to the university’s medical center and get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the decision of the virtual meeting held at the university level to start teaching in the classroom was informed that all the students, teachers, and staff have to register for vaccination. The meeting also decided that students who have NID but have not yet registered for vaccination will get vaccinated by completing the vaccine registration in the security app by September 27.

And students who do not have NID will complete the student registration by entering the University Grants Commission (UGC) weblink as a student in the name of their respective university using the birth certificate. After the student has completed the registration, the vaccine registration in the security app has to be completed.

And those who do not have a birth certificate will first get the birth certificate and then complete the student registration. After the student registration, the vaccine has to be taken by registering the vaccine in the security app.

To complete the registration of students in the name of the country’s universities, one has to enter the UGC weblink and register as a student by filling in the required information and the birth certificate number. This link will be published on the websites of all the universities. Student registration links can also be found on the website of the Ministry of Education. The UGC will release the link on Thursday.

If a university student is under 18 years of age, the student can also register in the security app by completing the registration using the birth certificate.

Students who have completed the vaccination registration can go to the medical center of their respective universities to get the vaccine. The Department of Health will take all necessary steps, including technical assistance, to expedite the immunization of university students.

Vice-Chancellors of different universities of the country expressed their views in the meeting. The meeting was informed that the universities would decide their Academic Council and Syndicate on how fast the universities could be reopened.

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