Drone strikes on Iraqi PM's residence
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Drone strikes on Iraqi PM’s Bagdad residence

Attempts have been made to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister Mostafa al-Khadimi. However, he is unharmed. The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a police recruiting centre in Baghdad.

The British media reported this information in a report on Sunday (November 8).

The BBC quoted officials as saying that Iraqi Prime Minister Mostafa al-Khadimi was located in the Green Zone of the capital, Baghdad. However, despite being a safe area, an attempt was made to kill him by attacking him with an explosive-laden drone.

Mostafa al-Khadimi, meanwhile, said he was unharmed after the attack. Earlier, the media reported that the Iraqi prime minister was taken to hospital after the drone strike.

In a message on Twitter after the attack, Mustafa al-Khadimi called on everyone to remain calm. He called on all to stay calm in the interests of Iraq.

Meanwhile, Reuters news agency quoted several security sources saying that several Iraqi Prime Minister’s security team members were injured in the drone strike.

In a statement, the Iraqi military said that the bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of the residence of Prime Minister Mostafa al-Khadimi, who was safe and sound. The statement did not provide further details.

Two Iraqi government officials said at least one bomb had exploded at the prime minister’s residence after the drone strike and that they had confirmed that Mustafa al-Khadimi was safe.

Security officials told Reuters that six Mostafa al-Khadimi’s security team members were on duty outside the residence. They had all been injured in the drone strike.

The BBC reports that Baghdad’s Green Zone is home to several government offices and foreign embassies. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the drone strike on the Iraqi prime minister’s residence in such a protected area.

Mostafa al-Khadimi became Iraq’s prime minister in May last year. Earlier, he served as the country’s intelligence chief.

In recent weeks, supporters of pro-Iranian armed groups have staged demonstrations near Baghdad’s Green Zone. At the time, they opposed the results of Iraq’s latest parliamentary elections. Because in the last election, the pro-Iranian people lost some power in the Iraqi parliament.

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