Building tall buildings to ensure civic service: LGED Minister
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Building tall buildings to ensure civic service: LGED Minister

In order to build high-rise buildings in the capital, all civic services must be ensured for the citizens living there, said the Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Tajul Islam.

He made the call while addressing a discussion meeting on World Diabetes Day organized by the Bangladesh Diabetic Association at Bardem Hospital auditorium in the capital yesterday.

Tajul Islam said that the number of people living in Dhaka city is more than any other city in the world. That is why it is not possible to ensure civil service due to the people of the capital.

“We need regular exercise for good health, but we don’t have enough playgrounds and parks,” he said. Clinics-hospitals, education, recreation centres, playgrounds are all things we need to ensure. Work is underway for this purpose. The minister said many people are demanding that DAP include high-rise buildings. But if there are only people in high buildings, people don’t have to go down. They need roads, ghats, parks, educational institutions, health services and other necessary services. The building was raised, but there was a traffic jam on the road. By constructing a traffic jam in this tall building, the diabetics of the citizens will increase from sitting on the road. It does not benefit everyone without harm.

The minister further said that in the light of the population in the capital, there is some crisis of fields and parks. If DAP is implemented, this crisis will end. However, the new DAP has specified ample space for gardens and areas. In addition, to make Dhaka a modern-looking and livable city, everything has to be planned.

“We need to change our way of life if we want to survive,” said the local government minister, calling for a change in diet and regular exercise to lead a healthy life to stay free from various diseases, including diabetes. Avoid eating fast food, chemical drinks and other processed foods because they contain more carbohydrates. Therefore, one should make it a habit to take organic food.

Highlighting the importance of World Diabetes Day, he added that there is no substitute for awareness to survive the disease. And to avoid this disease, some rules and regulations have to be followed.

President of Bangladesh Diabetic Association and National Professor AK Azad Khan presided over the program and presented the keynote address. Send Farooq.

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