PM urges all to be vocal against anti-state propaganda
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PM urges all to be vocal against anti-state propaganda

Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina yesterday day urged all especially leaders and activists of her party to be aware of a group of people who are spreading propaganda at home and abroad even after so much development in the country.

“Even after so much development, some people are spreading propaganda staying abroad and inside the country. (You) have to be aware of them, and respond to the propaganda,” she said.

She made these remarks while chairing the AL Central Working Committee (ALCWC) meeting at her official residence Ganabhaban here.

Sheikh Hasina asked the leaders and workers of her party to remind the misdeeds of BNP-Jamaat to the people, saying it should be at least highlighted again as the countrymen forget the past easily.

She said some people of the country are also spreading propaganda why Bangladesh became a developing country. Who are they and what is their purpose? she questioned.

Mentioning that some people (So called intellectuals) are holding meetings on how to pull down the Awami League from power, Sheikh Hasina said, “The strength of people is the strength of Awami League, and we are working in the service of the people.”

She said Bangladesh has now reached a dignified position in the world. “We are working for the welfare of the people. The touch of development has reached at grassroots. People of all walks of life have got the taste of development,” she added.

She questioned why the people would vote for BNP as a fugitive accused is running the party. They have looted the money of poor of the country and siphoned off it abroad, she said, adding: “What is the source of income behind their luxurious and comfortable life abroad?”

Mentioning that they have become rich by looting the money of the people of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said after Ziaur Rahman’s death, they (Khaleda Zia) showed that she had nothing but a broken suitcase and a torn vest.

She also suggested them to watch the videos of that time on YouTube.

The Awami League President said there are some people who don’t see those as criminals even after committing thousands of crimes.

“Although they (people) frequently speak against corruption, they finally take position in favor of those persons convicted for corruption,” she said, adding, “They are also shedding crocodile tears for those convicted persons who have sent abroad thousands of crores of Taka embezzling the orphan’s money.”

Mentioning that she was the everlasting target of Begum Khaleda Zia, the Prime Minister said, “Khaleda Zia had declared that I would never be the Prime Minister, even the Leader of the Opposition. I won’t be able to come to power even in a hundred years. . . The grenade attack came after these announcements.”

Sheikh Hasina said BNP-Jamaat is always hyperactive to make every development activity of the government controversial. “No matter how much good work we do, they come up with an attempt to create a controversy. BNP-Jamaat is hyperactive here,” she noted.

The premier said she has asked the authorities concerned to allow formation of new political party if anyone moves forward with this interest.

“If anyone (group) wants to form a party they can do it because a multiparty democracy is prevailing here. There’ll be no obstruction here . . . but they will not be allowed to damage the lives and property of people anymore,” she said.

About new political parties, she said, “If they want to bring out processions, they can. Why do we hinder their processions? They can do all sorts of movements, but they can’t burn people to death and cause any damage to any life and property. We’ll have to take care of it.”

Sheikh Hasina said the Awami League government ensured development in every sector of the country.

She continued: Bangladesh attained the overall development significantly and rural people are also being benefited with touch of that development. “Today, 99.99 percent have come under electricity coverage.”

She went on saying: “As the wheel of development is running, Bangladesh achieved the status of a developing country despite false propaganda carried out against Bangladesh unnecessarily.”

Sheikh Hasina asked every member of its working committee to work on countering the propaganda.

“Every member of our working committee will have to remain alert about them and who they are, what their objectives are, and what they want to do. The Awami League members need to know these, protest these and do whatever necessary to counter these,” she added.

The prime minister also highlighted before the ALCWC meeting the misdeeds and crimes of Ziaur Rahman and other successive governments, especially killing of the members of armed forces, AL activists and leaders as well as others during the regime of Zia to secure his powers.

She also highlighted the tortured, repressions, arson attacks and other criminal activities of BNP after the 2001 election across the country as well as rehabilitation of killers of Bangabandhu with rewards both at home and abroad.

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