Bangladesh's first victory in the Women's World Cup
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Bangladesh’s first victory in the Women’s World Cup

Let’s start with the last scene of Sedan Park. If you want, of course, you can bring the picture now and put it in the ‘museum’ of the history of Bangladesh cricket. Fatima took the first run with the ball of Nahida Akhter in the very last over of the innings. Then the fielders of Bangladesh somehow picked up the ball. Then the rate of Pakistan was confirmed.

The following picture was made for the collection. Someone is bursting with joy, a soft smile on his face. Someone wants to share the joy of embracing a teammate. Then dance by shaking the waist. Such a festival is most suitable for them today. Speaking of the first victory of the World Cup! Against Pakistan.

There are still three overs left in the match. The red-green flag was seen flying on the TV screen. I don’t think it is necessary to say that the flag flying in New Zealand is from Bangladesh. Why flying? Bangladesh girls are playing their first World Cup on the shores of the Tasman Sea.

But who cares! Even if they don’t keep it, the Nigar Sultans will not get anything. The girls behind the scenes won the first match of the World Cup this time, and Pakistan lost by nine runs on Monday.

They spend their days in seclusion. Match fees are occasionally negotiated with success, such as winning the Asia Cup. But those who can do their job correctly, the way or what is not to discuss them!

This victory seems to bring back memories of 23 years ago. The first victory of the boy’s World Cup also came against this Pakistan. The Akram Khans won the third match of the World Cup, as did the Nigar Sultans. There are more similarities. Bangladesh lost both the toss and the game was played on Monday.

Sharmin Sultana and Shamima Sultana started writing history for Bangladesh. The opening pair of these two came up with 36 runs, and Bangladesh lost the first wicket when Sharmin returned to the dressing room with 18 runs off 30 balls.

The regret of a half-century burned Shamima of another opener by scoring 44 runs from 55 balls in 8 overs. Captain Nigar Sultana Jyoti also got out with the same sadness. She scored 44 runs off 64 balls. However, the most significant achievement of Bangladesh’s big innings is Farzana Haque.

She scored 71 runs off 115 balls in 5 overs. Bangladesh lost eight wickets and scored 234 runs in 50 overs. Nasra Sandhu took three wickets for 41 runs in 10 overs for Pakistan.

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