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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina answered questions in Parliament.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has criticized several media and institutions in the National Parliament. However, he did not mention the name of any media. In each case some newspapers are publishing news with misleading headlines, he commented. He criticized this while answering the supplementary question of Rumin Farhana, Member of Parliament of BNP on Wednesday. Rumin Farhana said in the supplementary question that 68 percent of people in Bangladesh are struggling to buy food. This report is from the World Food Project. Food prices are highest in South Asia, CPD says. Bangladesh is one of the 42 countries that are at risk of famine. Even the Prime Minister is repeatedly saying that there may be a famine, so everyone should be careful. He said, Prothom Alo lead news, rice, flour, and corn prices record. The open floor in January 2020 was Tk 30. It has come to 55 rupees this October. Coarse rice was Tk 32 in January 2020, this year in September it stood at Tk 50. Maize from 24 takas to 34.5 takas. Inflation also increased with this. He asked the question, what action is the government thinking of taking to control this situation and inflation? In response, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘I have already said that there are some people who hunt fish in muddy water. Those are the people mentioned by the honorable member. Among the magazines that he named, one magazine I had never read. Because of this, they are always upside down. They never want the democratic process to continue in Bangladesh. They like an unusual situation. They like it because they are a little better, maybe some kind of value increase. Without mentioning the name of CPD, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “I don’t know from where they get the account of the institution that you mentioned. This calculation is never accurate for them.

The government is not denying that the price of goods has increased in the country, the Prime Minister said, “The headlines have given that the price of goods in Bangladesh is higher than all other countries. But the data given inside does not appear as Bangladesh. Bangladesh is in better condition than some countries. This is how they manipulate. In each case, some newspaper now makes a headline in a way that is misleading. Let the nation look inside, that is not right. They do not give correct information. Gives misleading information. Parliament leader Sheikh Hasina said, ‘And the institution that he (Rumin) mentioned, does not like anything about that institution. They like when, it when there was military rule, and when there was a caretaker government, they had a little appreciation. They sit in this hope, this is the reality. The Prime Minister said, ‘I know everyone well in that newspaper and that institution. We have to say in Matia Apar (Matia Chowdhury) language, there is an institution, and its head is named Matia Apa, leaving out the real name, he says Senapriya. That is, in an unusual situation, their price increases a little, the price increases, this is the reality. We are with the people; we will be with the people. Let them say what they say. I will do what I have to do.

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