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Vote by boat to save the country: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina have asked for boat votes to save the country and its people. He said, ‘We want your prayers, cooperation, and votes, so that war criminals and murderers cannot come back to power and play with the fate of the people of the country.” Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Before leaving, I want a promise from you that you will vote by boat in the next election as in the past and allow us to serve. Raise your hands and say, you will vote on the boat.” Sheikh Hasina said, ‘I have lost my parents, brothers, and sisters and returned to the people of Bengal so that the people of the country will eat rice twice a day, they will have accommodation, treatment, education, and a better life. Bangladesh is a country that won the victory in the war of liberation, as a victorious nation, it will continue to hold its head high in the world court so that we can build Bangladesh in that way.” So that the group of war criminals and murderers cannot come to power and play with the fate of the people of Bangladesh. For this, everyone must be united. Sheikh Hasina said we will not allow the fate of the people of Bangladesh to be played with. Because, that Jamaat-BNP is a party of murderers, a party war criminal, and party supporters of the murderers of the Father of the Nation. They even tried to kill me repeatedly. Therefore, they should not be able to suck the blood of the people of Bangladesh and should not be able to come to power in this country. Sheikh Hasina inaugurated 29 development projects and laid the foundation stone for six projects to ensure the overall development of Chittagong in a rally organized by the North and South District Unit of Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League. Described as a gift from his government. After inaugurating the projects and laying the foundation stones, Sheikh Hasina said that Awami League is the only government that has developed the port city of Chittagong.

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