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Awami League will prevent anti-government misdeeds: Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina started a formal procession from Gopalganj with the party’s new committee. And at the beginning of this journey, he promised to prevent any misdeeds of the anti-government. He also instructed the leaders and workers of the party to be strong and vigilant. Yesterday, Saturday, Sheikh Hasina held a joint meeting of the party’s central executive parliament, advisory council, and national committee at the upazila Awami League office in Tungipara, Gopalganj. A presidium meeting was held after the new leadership of the party came to the 22nd National Conference of Awami League on December 24. She held a joint meeting with the entire party at Tungipara, the memorial of the first father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Earlier, Sheikh Hasina held a joint meeting with the members of the Central Executive Parliament and Advisory Council in Tungipara after the 21st National Conference of the party in December 2019. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went to Tungipara by road last Friday morning to attend the joint meeting. His younger sister Sheikh Rehana was with him. In the beginning, the Chief Minister paid tribute to Bangabandhu’s tomb. Later on, Friday, he went to Khulna by road. There his mother Bangmata Sheikh Fazilatunnecha saw the land bought in the name of Mujib. On that day, he returned to Tungipara and spent the night at his home. Meanwhile, on the occasion of the joint meeting, most of the leaders of the Awami League National Committee, Central Executive Parliament, and Advisory Council went to Tungipara by bus yesterday morning. After 12:30 noon, Awami League president Sheikh Hasina paid respects at Bangabandhu’s tomb along with leaders from all levels. There, along with Bangabandhu, everyone participated in prayers in memory of those killed on August 15, 1975. A group of leaders present at the joint meeting of the new Central Executive Council, Advisory Council, and National Committee of Awami League. Photo at Tungipara, Gopalganj on Saturday: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated 28 development projects and laid the foundation stone of 1 project in Tungipara and Kotalipara after 1:30 p.m. PID. After that, he participated in a joint meeting at the Upazila Awami League office. Apart from the central leaders, Awami League leaders and workers from Gopalganj district, Tungipara, and Kotalipara upazilas were present there. Party president Sheikh Hasina gave the opening speech at the beginning of the meeting. Later, office secretary Biplab Barua read the condolence proposal. The meeting was adjourned after the condolence motion was accepted. The press wing of the Prime Minister informed that earlier yesterday morning, the Prime Minister visited his ancestral land at Puber Bill of Patgati Union of Tungipara. The land in that area is underwater for eight to nine months of the year. The Prime Minister directed to bring the lands under cultivation by creating floating beds and planting vegetables and other crops. At this time, he urged not to leave an inch of land vacant anywhere. In the speech of the joint meeting, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘No one will be allowed to play tricks with Bangladesh. Sitting on this ground (Tungipara), I take this pledge that no one can stop the socio-economic development of the people of Bangladesh so that all the leaders and workers of the Awami League will remain vigilant and strong. I will prevent any misdeeds – I will build Sonar Bangla, the father of the nation’s dream, with this promise. Criticizing the opposition, Sheikh Hasina said that this BNP-Jamaat committed arson from 2013 to 2015. They should hate it. They violated human rights by burning people to death. Giving a warning, the head of government also said that if they harm even one person in the future, then the hand that sets fire will be burnt in that fire. Those who kill people will be given proper education. Everyone should remember this. Sheikh Hasina also said, ‘They want to protest, we will not stop them. But if any kind of sabotage is done again in the name of the movement… Bangladesh is a developing country. If they want to harm the developing country, want to cause socio-economic damage, then the people will give them an appropriate response. The Awami League president said that the BNP won few seats in the 2008 elections and said, “You don’t seem to remember that.” BNP got only 29 seats in that election. A later by-election. That was their strength. That’s why they don’t want any elections or come to power differently. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has shown the picture of infrastructure development including food safety for the people of the country, provision of medical treatment, and free corona vaccination. He said, “They say Awami League has destroyed the country.” Does people’s socioeconomic development destroy them? Are they harming people? They have to ask where the damage is. Awami League president Sheikh Hasina told the leaders and activists that if she comes to Gopalganj in the future, she will go to Kotalipara first. He requested Awami League National Committee, Central Executive Parliament, and Advisory Council leaders to visit Tungipara. The party program for the new year was decided in a joint meeting and announced by Awami League President Sheikh Hasina. These include Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Homecoming Day on January 10, International Mother Language Day on February 21, Bangabandhu’s historic speech on March 7, Bangabandhu’s birthday and National Children’s Day on March 17, Genocide Day on March 25 and Independence Day on March 26.

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