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BNP is desperate to seize power by unconstitutional means: Bridge Minister

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader said that after being repeatedly rejected by the people, BNP is now desperate to seize power by unconstitutional means through murder-queue-conspiracy. He said these things in a statement sent to the media on Saturday. The statement was issued to condemn the recent statements made by party leaders, including BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, as purposeful and misguided. Obaidul Quader said in response to Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s statement that the government will not find an escape route, that the party leaders leave the country with a bond and bid farewell to politics, run abroad as a convicted and fugitive accused of the court, such statements do not suit the leaders of the party. He said that BNP has hired lobbyist firms at the expense of millions of dollars and is going to foreign masters and maligning the country. They are constantly conspiring to impose restrictions on the people of the country with false and fabricated information. The general secretary of Awami League also said that the corrupt leadership of BNP runs the party through remote control while sitting abroad. Inciting their leaders-workers to sabotage. But to the people of the world and the people of the country, the conspiracy of rumormongers has been caught today, the truth has been revealed. So, BNP leaders are disoriented. Urging BNP not to spread rumors against the government, he said, ‘We expect responsible behavior from BNP as a political party. Urge them to prepare for the upcoming elections without spreading false propaganda and rumors against the government for political gain. State power can be changed only through elections constitutionally.

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