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Haven’t started the game yet: Obaidul Quader

General Secretary of Awami League Obaidul Quader commented that the field game of the country’s politics is still in its early stages. He also claimed that BNP’s mass tide will be lost if the game starts in full swing. Obaidul Quader made this comment in front of the Awami League’s central office on Bangabandhu Avenue on the occasion of the historical mass uprising day organized by the Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League on Wednesday. Obaidul Quader claimed that the BNP is now lost like a wayward traveler and said, “The game has not started yet.” just the beginning When the game will be, where will this mass tide? Now there are leaders and workers, but not the people. Now the people have no say. People are fine, BNP is upset. Criticizing BNP’s movement, Quader said, “Alas, movement! The more leaders, the more alliances. Increasingly 54. As the tide was, the waves came some. The tide has now receded from that tide. Movements, mass coups, government collapses, and coalition formations are fake. All fakes are fake. BNP is fake. People don’t believe them anymore. Obaidul said, “I saw the trump card of our brother Jalil (Abdul Jalil). 30 April (2004). Fakhrul thought I show a red card. What is the outcome of our Jalil Sahib’s trump card, we also know? Then it’s your turn. Red card after trump card. The result is null. fake red card, fall of a government, 54 parties, 10 points, caretaker government. all fake. They are fakes. There is a one-party bakshal rule in the country – Obaidul Quader, criticizing the statement of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, said, “What is bakshal?” Bangladesh Farmer-Labor Awami League. Bakshal is not a group. Bakshal is the national team. Bakshal with all parties, all opinions. Addressing Fakhrul, he said, ‘Aren’t you ashamed? Ziaur Rahman applied to Bangabandhu and became a member of Bakshal. There is evidence. If the founder applies to join the bank, you call the bank a party. Quader said, ‘Farmers-workers protested, you shot them dead. BNP does not like farmers and workers. You do not like any organization of farmers-workers. Just hearing this name will make you burn. Fakhrul died of the internal combustion. Criticizing BNP’s statement calling for a mass coup, Quader said that there was only one mass coup in this territory. That was in the nineteen seventies. I will call the movement of the 90s a mass movement. It was not a mass uprising either. Ershad’s roots were very weak, so he was afraid of the mass movement and resigned. Obaidul Quader urged to hand over the Thana-Ward Committees of Dhaka Metropolitan South quickly. Requesting the president and general secretary to sit in one place, he said, “One will sit, if the other does not, he will get sick.” it won’t. Two people sit and do the committees. Election ahead. Mass communication should be done. Membership must have campaigned. So, we have to pay attention to this matter. Presidium member Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya said, Awami League has not entered the field yet, it is only rehearsing, which is why BNP cannot be found. What will happen to BNP if Awami League enters the field? It takes people to make a mass uprising. But there is no public involvement with BNP. Awami League’s joint general secretary Mahbub Ul Alam Hanif said that Awami League leaders and workers will be in the field with the law-and-order forces if there is an attempt to thwart the next election. Terrorist activities including militancy, murder, and torture were of BNP. So, the people have turned away from them for their divisive work. Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League President Abu Ahmed Mannafi presided over today’s meeting. General Secretary Humayun Kabir conducted the meeting. Awami League presidium member Kamrul Islam and the leaders of Dhaka Metropolitan South also addressed the meeting.

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