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People get something when A.League is in power: PM in Rajshahi

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We have given TCB cards to one crore people. I have arranged 30 kg of rice free of charge for those who are in dire need. There was BNP, there was Ershad, and nobody did these things. If Awami League is in power, the people get something, it is a fact. The Prime Minister said these things at a public meeting in Rajshahi on Sunday. The Prime Minister started his speech at the public meeting held at Madrasah Ground in Rajshahi at 3:53 PM. Finished the speech at 4:22. At the beginning of the speech, referring to the tragedy of 1975, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “My younger sister and I were abroad. We could not return home. We had to live abroad for six years. I returned to a country where I had no right to seek justice. The murderers of the father of the nation were protected from prosecution by indemnity. was awarded. War criminals—whose trial was initiated by the Father of the Nation—were also brought to power. In that situation, I returned to the country to change the fate of the people of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘When we formed the government in 1996, there was a shortage of 4 million metric tons of food in the country. The zia-Ershad government did not provide food security to the country. Didn’t even think about it. The Awami League government came and made Bangladesh self-sufficient in food. He said, “We have saved Rajshahi from the erosion of the Padma River by constructing “T Dam” in Rajshahi. I have taken many measures for the employment of the people of Rajshahi. The father of the nation who started the sugar mill started the jute mill; Even the dairy farm at Godagari, Rajshahi’s traditional silk factory, closed down. We are trying our best now. Awami League president Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We work for the welfare of people. Rajshahi is full of mangoes. Rajshahi had many traditions. Let these traditions come back. For that, research is being done on mango, perennial mango. Now mangoes are being exported abroad. We have increased rail connectivity so that mangoes can be transported by train in the coming season. We are providing gas. We have done 100 industrial zones. There will be no unemployment. That is our goal. We have opened all communication networks in the country by opening the Yamuna bridge, Padma bridge, and closing the airport. Describing the newly inaugurated project, the Prime Minister said, “In the last 14 years, we have implemented various projects worth Tk 10,660 crore in Rajshahi district and metropolis. We have implemented projects worth Tk 4000 crore in this Rajshahi metropolis alone. I inaugurated 26 projects worth 1 thousand 333 crore rupees today. I laid the foundation stone of six projects worth 375 crore rupees. I have given these projects as a gift to you. I could not come to you during Corona. I came now. In the last election, you voted for the boat brand. Thank you. Referring to BNP’s statement, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said, “We will run or we will not find a way to escape.” I say to BNP, we never run away. I want to say clearly, Awami League is not running away. It is your leaders who are fleeing.’ He said, ‘BNP will fight against corruption. BNP will fight with whom? Their acting chairman, Tariq Rahman, who was convicted of corruption and who bailed out the caretaker government in 2007, will never do politics again. We have brought back their smuggled 40 crore rupees. What will the BNP leaders respond to? People coming to Awami League’s public meeting in Rajshahi madrasa ground. People are entering the public meeting place in groups at noon on Sunday. Describing the various developments of the Awami League at the gate of Rajshahi’s madrasa grounds on Sunday morning, the prime minister said, ‘No people in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib’s country will remain homeless and landless, we are working towards that goal so that no people suffer. Because we were in power, Awami League gave vaccines to people all over the country free of charge. It is not given in developed countries but the Awami League government has given it. Referring to the BNP burning people in the name of the movement, Sheikh Hasina said, “You should consider it yourself.” How this BNP-Jamaat burnt people alive. Police were brutally beaten in this Rajshahi. One of my sisters went and rescued that policeman. What kind of inhuman character do they have? They don’t know people. They cannot do anything for people. Describing the torture during the BNP-Jamaat coalition government in Rajshahi, he said, ‘A baby girl was gang-raped. So, his parents voted on the boat. The country would not have been independent if voting by boat was not done. If the country was not independent, Ziaur Rahman would not have been promoted from Major to Major General. They forget it. If the country was not independent, Khaleda Zia would never have come to power. He could not be the Prime Minister. Why is there so much anger on that boat?’ Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We keep the promise we make today. In the election of 2008, we said that we will implement Vision 2021. We did it. Today Bangladesh is a developing country. We want to vote for the boat brand to build the smart Bangladesh of 2041 to keep the development of the country going. The Awami League president said, “The election will be held at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.” Whether you will vote for the boat brand or not, I want a promise. Then the crowd raised their hands and agreed. “Boat, boat” chanted. Then the Prime Minister said, ‘Thank you very much. See you again in the future. In this victory journey of our development, to build a smart Bangladesh in 2041, vote for the boat brand.

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