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Obaidul Quader fears that BNP may turn to ‘fire terror’

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader have claimed that the aim of BNP’s movement has failed due to the fall of the government. He claims that if the movement fails, BNP will turn to arson, there is proof of that in the past. The threat of arson and terrorism remains. Obaidul Quader said these things during an exchange of views on contemporary issues with journalists at the secretariat on Sunday morning. Obaidul Quader also said about the movement of BNP, BNP is going to fail to achieve the goal of the movement due to lack of public involvement. Their movement is sinking in the tide of development of the government. The movement of BNP has lost its way and has now come down to a silent march. There are no people in their movement. However, this government minister said that it is being closely monitored whether the BNP is causing trouble in the name of the movement or not. In a letter sent by BNP to Japan, they demanded a large party. In this regard, Awami League General Secretary said that there is no way to prove who is a big or a small party without elections. Let BNP prove it by participating in the elections. Road Transport and Bridges Minister said that BNP has been defeated in the movement. With the humiliation of losing the national elections, they want to create a situation where there is an unelected government, another One Eleven. BNP has no objection to whoever comes except Sheikh Hasina. It is becoming clear from the secret agenda, purpose, and mode of activities of the BNP. Regarding the presidential election, Road Transport and Bridges Minister said, Awami League will announce the candidacy on time.

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