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I have told the US ambassador, it is not possible to return the supervision: Obaidul Quader

Leaders of Awami League went to the US Embassy in Dhaka and met Ambassador Peter Haas. Highlighting the discussions there, the general secretary of the party, Obaidul Quader, said that they told the US ambassador that it is not possible to bring back the caretaker government. Awami League met the US ambassador on Wednesday morning. Obaidul Quader spoke about this in a discussion meeting at the Dhaka University Student-Teacher Center (TSC) auditorium in the afternoon. He urged the BNP leaders to remove the ‘ghost’ of the caretaker government from their heads. Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader said, ‘I went to the American Embassy today. Today we told the American ambassador, it is not possible to return to the so-called caretaker government again. The caretaker government was abolished by the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution. After that, national elections were held in 2014 and 2018 under the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. BNP boycotted the national elections in 2014. Despite participating in the 2018 elections, they got only seven seats. The main political opponent of BNP Awami League, BNP is saying that they will not participate in the election without a non-partisan neutral government. They have demanded that the Awami League government leave power and hold elections under a neutral government. Various countries including the United States have been demanding free and fair national elections in Bangladesh. Awami League general secretary commented that some senior leaders of Awami League, including Obaidul Quader, went to the US embassy on Wednesday to talk to the ambassador, and did not respond loudly like BNP, but went to the US embassy silently. He said, ‘We don’t go with media-media like BNP. They went to the Indian Embassy, and apparently, there was no media boom. Later they called everyone and told them what was discussed; He also said what was not said. I saw the situation as if India had won. We are not that. We went quietly and left quietly. Obaidul Quader accused BNP of giving dharna to diplomats. He said, ‘They (BNP) go to Baridhara-Gulshan in the morning with their eyes twitching, and how many stories they tell while sitting at breakfast! They will overthrow the Awami League and Sheikh Hasina! Khaleda Zia will run the country on December 10, and Tarek will return to the country! In the end, he did not get Nayapaltan, he got the cow market of Golapbagh. Obaidul Quader commented that the condition of BNP is like a bullock cart stuck in the mud painted by Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin. He said BNP’s movement is now stuck in the sand. Does not go forward, does not go back; Criticizing BNP neither right nor left, the general secretary of Awami League said, ‘Fakhrul said, we have destroyed democracy. You have buried democracy. Forget Magura’s shameless by-election with a fake voter list? BNP has killed democracy. Obaidul Quader claimed that BNP destroyed, Sheikh Hasina repaired, and now they are giving 27 points to repair the state, and 10 points to overthrow the government. They are all fake. These points, their movements, marches, and marches are all fake. Their leader also called the fake BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir “illegal general secretary of illegal party” Obaidul Quader. He said, ‘BNP has a constitution. Where is there, Fakhrul (without conference) Secretary General for 12 years? Has he lost his legitimacy? He who demands resignation should resign himself. According to the constitution of BNP, he has become illegal.’ Obaidul Quader said, referring to the three conferences of Awami League in the last 12 years, ‘BNP has not had one. Resignation of the government! Fakhrul should resign for failure in the movement.

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