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A. League will win the polls: Prime Minister at a civic reception in London

Awami League will win the vote in the next election, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at a civic reception in London on Sunday (May 7). Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is staying in London to attend the coronation ceremony of Britain’s King Charles III. In a civic reception given by the United Kingdom Awami League, thousands of party leaders and activists joined people from various professions in that reception. In his speech, the Prime Minister invited expatriates to invest in Bangladesh. In a long speech, he mentioned the horrific memories of 1975. I couldn’t come to Rehana’s wedding because I didn’t have the money to buy a plane ticket to London from India. Later when she becomes pregnant. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi made all arrangements at that time. After coming to London, I formed an international commission of inquiry into the assassination of Bangabandhu. The Prime Minister said, when we got the opportunity to form the government after 21 years, we started the Bangabandhu murder case proceedings. When various intellectuals raise questions about human rights in Bangladesh, I only think we did not have human rights. We did not have the right to even file a case. No one asked then. What crime did my younger brother Sheikh Russell commit? What crime did my mother commit? My two brothers were freedom fighters. The Prime Minister said that those murderers were sent abroad by Zia. Khaleda brought Zia back and gave her a job in the Foreign Office. Rewarding murderers repeatedly, making Rashid leader of the opposition in the February 15 election. What does that prove? He recalled the 2001 election once. How many of our leaders and activists have been forced to come abroad, eye-popping? The homestead was cut and made into a pond. I was not allowed to attend the meeting. He described the events of his visit to various places of that strange torture. The Prime Minister said that the BNP-Jamaat coalition government has caused thousands of such incidents. He said, they came and destroyed everything in the place where we left the country in 1996. He said to the journalists, they call me a vote thief, I ask do you have the right to call me a vote thief? They are a group of murderers who destroy the spirit of freedom, the image of the country. He fled to London with a pledge that he would not do politics in life. BNP is a party of vote robbers. The people of the country know what Ziaur Rahman’s yes-no vote was. Zia became the head of the army and the head of the state by breaking the constitution. The Prime Minister said that when no party got the majority in the 1991 elections, President Sahabuddin proposed to me that Jamaat and Jatiya Party will support you and you can form the government. I did not form the government with Jamaat and Jatiya Party. We will form the government only if the people of the country elect us. Awami League did not come to power by stealing votes or usurping power, it came to power by being elected by the people. The Prime Minister also said that while in the government in 1996, America offered to sell gas. I informed them that we will sell gas only after keeping 50 years of reserves to meet the needs of the country. You should first survey how much gas we have in reserve. They send surveys but don’t talk after the first survey. I said I cannot sell people’s wealth. Same discussion with Latifur Rahman’s supervisor. I have to sell gas, I said there is no gas from where to sell. BNP came with a bond. I said that day Allah gives wealth according to mind, you cannot sell gas. So it happened. BNP came to power and did not get even a drop of gas. We brought freedom with blood, it is our duty to protect sovereignty. He said, when they put me in jail at eleven-eleven, there was no work, I sat in jail and started writing, what will I do if I ever come to power? As a result of which we brought the Vision 2021 election manifesto in the 2008 election. Sheikh Hasina said in her prison reminiscence, Amin, the influential officer of DGFI at that time, came to me and told me that you don’t have to hold elections, you will be in the status of Prime Minister. I told him that my father was a minister in 1954. I don’t want these, I want elections. On August 21, General Bari was involved in the grenade attack, and it was Bari who beat and kicked Tareq properly. Tariq Rahman fled abroad on bond. They said that there has been no improvement in Bangladesh. Stating that he has destroyed Bangladesh, the Prime Minister consistently mentioned his government’s progress in the last 14 years in every sector, starting from the country’s growth, per capita income, inflation, budget size, GDP, and foreign reserves. He said, no one will be poor in heart in Bangladesh. As Khaleda Zia’s development slowed, power generation fell to 3,200 MW. And now 25 thousand MW. The Prime Minister said, we have given importance to the employment of women, household work will now also be considered as employment. He said, not a single person will be homeless in the country. The Prime Minister said we have created an economic zone with a hi-tech park. There will be a separate zone for expatriates. You can invest in the food processing business. Referring to the agreement with Air Bus, he said that two cargo planes and 8 more passenger planes will be added to the fleet of Biman. Referring to Tariq Rahman’s return of Tk 40 crore, he said that care should be taken to ensure that this group of murderers, robbers, and thieves cannot come to power again, in the next election Awami League will win the vote. Bangladesh will be Smart Bangladesh in 41 years.

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