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On this day in history: The first marathon

Every day, various events and accidents occur worldwide. There are developments and disasters, births and deaths. Do we remember all these daily occurrences? However, some things leave a lasting impression on people’s minds, and some events become a part of history. This is what “On This Day in History” is all about. Today is September 12th. Let’s take a look at some significant events that happened on this day in history.

The year was 490 BCE. The Persians had invaded Greece, and the Greeks managed to halt their advance in the famous Battle of Marathon. The news of this victory reached Athens, and a Greek soldier named Pheidippides ran from the battlefield to Athens to deliver the news. He covered a distance of approximately 26.2 miles (42.195 kilometers), which later became the standard distance for the modern marathon race.

So, on this day, we remember the ancient Battle of Marathon and the heroic run of Pheidippides that gave birth to the modern marathon race.

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