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India-Bangladesh Match Excitement is at Peak in Maharashtra

Chandika Hathurusingha and Nick Pothas are engaged in a lengthy discussion. It’s easy to deduce even from a distance; it’s the India-Bangladesh match. This match has stirred up discussions and debates across various parts of the world in recent years.

The match might not have resulted in a majority of wins for one side, but it has certainly fueled numerous discussions and speculations. The road to India can be aptly understood through the Mumbai-Pune expressway, which is not only a practical route but also a beautiful one. With two parallel mountain ranges, lush greenery, and blooming flowers, it’s a sight to behold.

After watching the first three matches of the World Cup, India’s path seems equally formidable, doesn’t it? Their courage with the bat, their bowling prowess, the opening over, and taking wickets in the middle overs – it’s like a confident body language, a self-assured team. You’ve witnessed it all, and just before the match, once again, it’s ingrained in the mind, all thanks to Chandika Hathurusingha, the head coach of the Bangladesh team.

What has he said about the opposition? Let’s hear it in his voice, “They are good everywhere. They have a strong strike bowler at the beginning. Bumrah is in top form. They also have experienced spinners for the middle overs. Their top order is formidable. They play without fear. It seems like they are enjoying their game right now. They have a lot of support too. All in all, they are in very good shape.”

It’s not necessary to emphasize how good India is. Nevertheless, Bangladesh has made strides in recent times. They’ve won three out of the last four matches. Does this timeframe remind you of something? They’ve won five of the last 11 matches since the “controversial” quarter-final of the 2015 World Cup.

The World Cup’s only memory at this stage is 2007. Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Tamim Iqbal… yes, you remember! Tamim’s name is mentioned here for a reason. The same cricketing talent was left out of the World Cup before the match because of various controversies.

A curious Indian journalist once asked Hathurusingha if he wouldn’t miss Tamim at the World Cup. The answer was a non-committal “I don’t know.” Could there be something unofficial regarding Tamim? Perhaps, it could be related to the match that saw Bangladesh defeat India in the World Cup for the first and last time.

There is also an ongoing discussion about the batting order. Bangladesh has shown remarkable performances in One Day Internationals (ODIs) in recent years. They were the third-best team in the Super League. The team looked well-prepared and organized. However, the main stage is proving challenging. The batting order isn’t quite set, and the bowling doesn’t have the same consistency as in recent days. Why has it come to this?

Bangladesh’s head coach has an explanation for it: “We have formed our combination to bat and plan according to our vision and feelings. We have instructed the players accordingly. They are also doing extra drills and getting mental coaching.”

There is no solution without accepting the coach’s explanation for now. However, the way to the stadium from the busy highways of Dhaka to the quiet roads leading to the stadium is delightful. The result is uncertain in India’s match against Bangladesh as well.

Whether Shakib Al Hasan plays after recovering from an injury remains unclear. The decision will be made on the day of the match. There’s also consideration to bring an additional bowler into the squad, Nasum Ahmed, who bowls left-arm spin. Mahedi Hasan’s role in batting is not being cut short. Mahmudullah could also find a place as an occasional left-arm spinner.

With all these plans, if Bangladesh loses to India, will it be like a setback, similar to the losses against Netherlands and England in the World Cup? Only time will tell. On the path leading to the press conference room, you can see the uncertainty, much like the hazy afternoon sun.

In the last few days, we heard about the India-Pakistan match, which seems to be the biggest, but it could be said that your match against India is even more significant, as repeatedly stated by ICC’s Media Manager Callum Davis. Nonetheless, it might result in a bit of disappointment. The dreams of winning the World Cup, which have been nurtured for so long, might be halted in their tracks.

What if Bangladesh loses? Will it be a repetition of a setback like the one against the Netherlands or the one against England in Afghanistan? Only time will reveal. However, India’s bowling coach, Paras Mhambrey, has emphasized the significance of Bangladesh. Bangladesh also acknowledges the importance given by India. The World Cup journey of Bangladesh may not be in jeopardy. Who knows?

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