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RAB will Set up Check Posts at the Entrances of Dhaka on October 28

For those who intend to use incendiary or explosive materials for malicious purposes, on October 28, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) will establish checkposts at the entry points to Dhaka city, specifically the Taltola Checkpost. Commander Khandakar Al-Moin, Director of RAB’s Legal and Media Affairs, revealed this during a press conference on Wednesday at RAB’s Media Center in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.

Khandakar Al-Moin stated that several groups have sought permission for gatherings on October 28. The permission for gatherings will be subject to the Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) ‘s approval. RAB’s primary responsibility is to ensure public safety and protect national assets. As part of this, Taltola Checkposts will be set up at important locations near the entry points to Dhaka, in addition to controlling traffic on major highways recently, allowing the general public to work with confidence.

If anyone has plans for drug abuse, the intelligence agency is working to identify them within the purview of the law. Besides, the work is underway in the cyber world.

Khandakar Al-Moin further stated that in case of any sudden adverse situations, RAB is always prepared to confront them. If permission is not granted for gatherings and Jamaat-e-Islami attempts to hold a gathering or engage in narcotics activities, measures will be taken accordingly.

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