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Plane crash in Brazil, 12 killed including pilot

In Brazil, a plane crash has resulted in the death of 12 people. The incident took place in the northern-western state of Acre. This marks the second plane accident in Brazil within a little over two months.

According to a statement from the regional government, the single-engine Cessna caravan crashed near Rio Branco Airport.

The regional government reports that in the plane crash, 10 passengers along with the pilot and co-pilot all lost their lives. Among the passengers, nine were adults and one was a child. The cause of the plane crash will be investigated.

According to quotes from local media, the news agency AFP has informed that after the crash, the plane caught fire and it caused a blaze in a forested area near the Brazil-Peru border.

Previously, in September, a small jet crashed in the Amazonas state, resulting in the death of 14 people. Among the deceased, 12 were Brazilian tourists, and the other two were crew members.

Officials believe that the plane crashed near the tourism city of Barcelos due to low visibility caused by heavy rain.

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