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The US will fall like the Soviet Union: Hamas warns

The former Soviet Union will undergo a transformation similar to the United States, claims the Gazan militant group Hamas, alleging that Washington will face a defeat. The organization’s top official, Ali Baraka, recently gave an interview to a Lebanese YouTube channel.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Hamas operative stated in the interview, “America was established through the support of Britain and other international organizations. It will crumble like the Soviet Union. In addition, Hamas claims that various powers in Western Asia are uniting against the United States. They are engaging in discussions amongst themselves. Furthermore, Hamas asserts that if all anti-American forces unite and participate in a war, the outcome will be in favor of America, based on past experiences.

On the other hand, the Hamas operative also claimed to maintain regular communication with Russia and China, stating, “Russia contacts us daily. Qatar, China, and Russia have sent envoys to talk with Hamas leaders.”

Hamas’s top official has announced that a delegation from Hamas will also go to Beijing, similar to Moscow.

It is worth noting that the socialist state structure established by the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. This further boosted the influence and assertiveness of the United States on the global stage.

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