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The Future of the Government of Bangladesh Should be Determined by the People: The United States

The United States has commented that it is necessary for the people of Bangladesh to determine the country’s future through free and fair elections.

During a briefing at the U.S. Department of State yesterday, this statement was made by spokesperson Matthew Miller in response to a question.

In the briefing, one of the questioners stated, “Bangladesh and Dhaka are another troubled area like Gaza. Without free and fair elections, it will quickly turn into a Gaza Strip. Bangladesh is a sovereign country where 90% to 95% of the people, including democracy, support unhindered, thorough, participatory, and inclusive elections. When the United States began to play a role in human rights and democracy, the people of Bangladesh became very hopeful. Besides the Awami League, all major political parties work in Dhaka with American Ambassador Peter Haas and other diplomats. Why is the US discussing Bangladesh with India?”

In response, Miller stated that he wanted to reiterate what he had said many times before. That is, they support free and fair elections in Bangladesh. They believe that the people of Bangladesh should determine the future of the country.

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