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US Defense Secretary to Ukraine to assure aid

Yesterday, on Monday, U.S. Defense Secretary Austin Lloyd embarked on a declared trip to Ukraine. He is undertaking this journey to reaffirm Washington’s unwavering support in the face of Russian military aggression and to reassure Ukraine about continued assistance.

The United States is providing Ukraine with military aid worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Alongside this, a commitment to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom is reiterated with the pledge of assistance for “as long as necessary.” However, due to opposition from hardline Republican lawmakers, there is uncertainty about the future of U.S. assistance to Ukraine.

The Pentagon stated in a briefing on the trip that Secretary Austin is traveling to Ukraine to engage in discussions with the country’s leaders and reaffirm the strong support of the United States in Ukraine’s struggle for liberation.

The details of the trip were not announced in advance for security reasons. In February of last year, after the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Secretary Austin visited Kyiv for the second time.

In a statement, it was mentioned, “From self-defense against Russian aggression to providing necessary security assistance, the U.S. Secretary of Defense will address the subject with utmost importance.” This comes at a time when some Republican lawmakers are opposing continued assistance to Ukraine. The temporary bill passed in Congress last week, which excluded new assistance to Ukraine, added to the uncertainty.

However, a senior American official told journalists, “We trust that Congress will provide assistance. I am planning based on that assurance.”

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