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Gaza will be attacked again after cease-fire: Israeli defense minister

A temporary ceasefire is set to begin today, Friday, in Gaza, Palestine. However, Israeli Defense Minister Yohav Galant has indicated that after the brief ceasefire, there will be another intense attack against Hamas.

During a meeting with members of the naval special operations unit yesterday, Galant stated, “In the coming days, you will see what is called – the release of the jets. But this will be for a short period.”

Galant emphasized the need for readiness during the ceasefire, conducting investigations, supplying more weapons, and preparing for continued intense fighting against Hamas. He added, “This (war) is an ongoing process because we want to achieve a decisive victory. Jimmi (Hamas members) will return to us amid pressure.”

It is hoped that the ongoing temporary ceasefire will be effective in Gaza. Qatar, acting as an intermediary, has confirmed this information. They have stated that, according to the agreement, Hamas will release 13 civilians today as part of the exchange. Additionally, 50 Palestinians who have been held in Israeli prisons will be released.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the Israeli government and Hamas reached an agreement on a ceasefire. According to this agreement, Israel was supposed to halt attacks in Gaza for four days starting yesterday. However, Israel has stated that they will not stop the attacks until Friday. As a result, Hamas has announced that they will not release the detainees until the attacks stop.

The situation in Gaza has been tense for nearly four and a half months since the Israeli invasion began. It is hoped that the temporary ceasefire and the release of detainees will bring some relief to the people in the region.

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