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“China is Implementing Additional Precautions Amid Surge in Respiratory Issues”

In China, the number of patients suffering from sudden respiratory distress has started to increase. The government is preparing for this, instructing clinics to increase their capacity to handle any emerging situation. The Ministry of Health of the country has directed local authorities on this matter.

Regarding the rise in patients with respiratory distress in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) sought additional information from Beijing last week. A global discussion is initiated on this issue. An organization working on new diseases reported an infection cluster related to pneumonia in children, prompting WHO to take immediate interest.

However, last Friday, WHO stated that no new or unusual pathogens have been found among these patients in China. The National Health Commission of China spokesperson, Mi Feng, informed in a press conference today that the increase in severe respiratory diseases is due to the simultaneous activation of various types of microorganisms. The majority of them are influenza viruses.

Mi Feng told journalists that the number of clinics and treatment centers for those affected by the disease will increase. Additionally, the time for providing health services and the supply of medicines will be extended. The country’s parliament has urged for prompt and appropriate measures to be taken to provide information on the prevention of infectious diseases.

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