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George Santos lost his membership in the US Congress due to irregularities

George Santos, a Republican member of the U.S. Congress, has had his congressional membership revoked for involvement in unethical activities. On Friday, he lost his seat in the House of Representatives after a vote in the lower chamber of the American Congress.

Republican leaders in New York voted 311 in favor of expelling Santos from Congress, while 114 voted against the proposal. With this vote, Santos became the sixth person in U.S. history to be expelled from Congress. Previously, Santos had faced a similar proposal for expulsion from Congress, but he managed to secure enough votes from Democratic Party leaders to avoid removal.

A recent report from the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives reveals that Santos used campaign funds for personal expenses, including travel, beauty treatments, and luxury goods. The details of his expenditures are outlined in the report.

After the publication of the report, Santos faced increased pressure. In response, he announced that he would not run for re-election in the next election. However, this decision did not satisfy fellow members of the Congress.

In the Friday vote, despite receiving support from 112 members of his own Republican party, including the top four leaders, Santos was not able to secure the necessary votes for his retention. One hundred five Republicans voted in favor of his expulsion, and with the support of 206 Democratic votes, the proposal passed with a two-thirds majority.

In the past month, Santos faced 13 allegations, including corruption, misuse of government funds, currency smuggling, and making false statements in Congress. The legal proceedings against him are expected to begin next year, as 10 more charges were filed in October. It is anticipated that the trial will commence in the coming year to address these allegations.

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