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Bangladesh Army has Entered the Era of Drones

Bangladesh Armed Forces have entered the era of drone warfare to counter distant adversaries alongside intelligence surveillance. Equipped with the latest technology used in the Russia-Ukraine war, the Bloodhound-TB drone has now become part of the military arsenal.

The fear of this small drone, capable of destroying the realm of Army Aviation, is well acknowledged by civilians in Russia and Ukraine. Even in the conflicts of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Syria, this Turkish-made Bloodhound-TB drone has been employed. Bangladesh Armed Forces now possess ownership of these formidable six drones. The inauguration of these drones took place on Monday (December 4) at the Army Aviation Forward Base in Chittagong, led by the Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed.

Named Bloodhound-TB, this drone is essentially an advanced version of the TAI Bayraktar TB2 series, which first took flight in Turkey in August 2014. It is named after the Seljuk Bayraktar, a prominent figure in Turkish history. The drone’s nomenclature is derived from this historical reference. Although the initial design of this drone was created for the Turkish Air Force, it is now being used in 14 countries worldwide. Bangladesh Armed Forces are the latest addition to these users. However, at least 15 other countries have signed agreements with Turkey to acquire this drone.

With a length of 5 meters, the drone can carry up to 600 kilograms of weaponry, as stated by Army Aviation Group Commander Major General Bari. He mentioned that the main drone can be equipped with four laser-guided smart rockets, ensuring precise targeting. The drone can travel at a maximum speed of 120 nautical miles and continuously fly at an altitude of 27,000 feet for 27 hours. The integration of this drone has increased the capabilities of the Bangladesh Armed Forces in achieving the goals of Force Goal 2030.

Expressing optimism about future drone production, Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed stated that using this type of technology, the Bangladesh Armed Forces have plans to manufacture their drones in the future, emphasizing the use of such technology for innovation, not just import. General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed revealed that the drone can be operated up to 300 kilometers from the base station.

Moreover, the drone is equipped with sensors that allow navigation independently of GPS, enabling it to navigate without complete dependence on GPS. As a result, distant target surveillance can now be carried out from afar without the need for physical presence. Bangladesh signed an agreement with Turkey last year to purchase these six drones. The drone uses petrol as fuel for propulsion.

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