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Sheikh Hasina asked the opinion of the youth before announcing the manifesto

Awami League will announce the manifesto for the 12th National Parliament elections on December 27 under the leadership of party president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Before announcing this manifesto, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directly spoke to the youth to find out their thoughts and wishes about ‘Smart Bangladesh’.

Awami League’s research institute Center for Research and Information (CRI) said this in a press release on Monday (December 25).

It is said that the Awami League will announce the manifesto under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the 12th National Parliament elections on December 27. Like every previous year, the manifesto has given importance to the youth. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directly discussed with the current generation to know the thoughts and demands of the youth in building ‘Smart Bangladesh’.

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina discussed various issues of building future Bangladesh with young aspiring organizers and young people who have done great work in their respective fields in the Let’s Talk program organized by Center for Research and Information (CRI). He also listened to their various suggestions.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has discussed with the youth before. Directly answered their various questions. This time too, besides answering the various questions of the youth, he has learned what kind of initiatives these representatives of the current generation will take to build the country if they become the prime minister. Various steps to build Smart Bangladesh were discussed with the spontaneous participation of the present generation youth.

After the Let’s Talk program, the young people said that after this discussion with the Prime Minister, they also feel that they are part of the policy-making stage of their country. They believe that Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will consider their suggestions in the manifesto announcement very seriously.

Around 300 young people who have worked in building the country and brought fame to the country from their respective positions participated in the ‘Let’s Talk with Sheikh Hasina’ event. From the future of Bangladesh, foreign policy, international issues to how the prime minister is planning to build a smart Bangladesh and what will be the role of the youth are discussed.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina discussed with the youth for a long time about the safety of women, taking various steps to create a working environment for women empowerment, the future challenges of Bangladesh and the government’s plans and what we should do to face those challenges.

Various steps taken by the government to establish the rights of backward communities, rights of women, rights of disabled and third gender people were discussed in the event. Along with that, what further steps the government can take for the development of these groups are also discussed.

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