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At the end of the last prayer, the pilgrims are returning home

The streets around Maidan are completely silent. The prayer of the Muslims in the court of Allah, raising both hands in a serious manner.

During the last prayer of the first phase of Vishwa Ijtema-2024, the atmosphere in Maidan and surrounding roads and areas was very calm. Everyone sits on the roads and participates in the prayer.

Many raised their hands and cried, some even uttered the sound of Allah. All have sought forgiveness from the Creator for all their sins.

The final prayer of the first phase of the International Conference of Tabligh Jamaat World Ijtema ended with the sound of Amin Amin. After that, the pilgrims began to return home.

On Sunday (February 4) after 9:30 a.m. after the prayers, the crowd of worshipers increased in the streets around the Maidan.

Abdullahpur on Tongi Road, Station Road, Abdullahpur Sluicegate and Kamarpara along with the streets around the Maidan were thronged by Muslims.

It can be seen on the surface, after the last prayer, the entire Ijtema ground and surroundings vibrated with the sound of Amin Amin. The movement of Muslims started. The calm environment becomes busy. The worshipers started coming out of the Maidan. Some came out with their bags and belongings on their backs, hands, necks and heads. Meanwhile, the road was filled with people.

Lakhs of worshipers came from Dhaka and its surrounding areas to participate in the last prayer. After praying, they are leaving for home on foot.

Altaf Hossain, a person coming from Gazipur told BanglaNews, Gazipur left Bhogra in the early morning for Biswa Ijtema. Tongi reached the station road in a battery-operated auto-rickshaw. Then he entered the arena on foot.

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