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Conflict in Myanmar: Desolate Ghumdhum and Tumbru border areas

The entire border area of ​​Ghumdhum Union of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban is shaking with the sound of gunfire, mortar shells and bomb blasts as rebels clash with Myanmar’s junta forces.

In the border area of ​​Ghumdhum Union of Naikxyongchari Upazila of Bandarban, panic is spreading everywhere due to the constant sound of bullets and mortar shells.

Especially in Jalpaitli of Tumbru area, the situation is now tense in the Ghumdhum-Tumbru border due to the death of two people.Many are leaving their homes and villages and moving to shelters and relatives’ homes.

A resident of Tumbru area of ​​Ghumdhum Union. When talking to Abdullah, he told BanglaNews that Tumbru Right Camp border post in Myanmar is very close to the locality of Naikxyongchari Upazila in Bandarban, Bangladesh. Bangladesh locality is about 500 meters away from Dhekibania border post. Due to this, bullets and mortar shells hit the residences of Bangladesh during the shelling in Tumbru Right Camp.

He also said that for the past few days there has been a lot of firing across the border and all our family members have left their homes due to the fear of firing.

Md. has been living near the border of Tumbru area for 20 years. Akhtar told BanglaNews that I have left the whole family in the shelter. Cows and goats will be stolen from the house during the day, so I am guarding. And in the evening I went to a distant relative’s house.

Chairman of Ghumdhum Union Parishad. Jahangir Aziz said that the border situation is deteriorating day by day. Inside Myanmar, the shooting is sometimes continuous and intermittent. And the bullets and mortar shells from the other side killed some of my Union and wounded a few.

He further said that keeping in mind the safety of the general public, North Ghumdhum Government Primary School No. 1 of my union has been declared as a shelter and the general public is requested to go there and take shelter. He said, since Tuesday (February 6) afternoon, about a hundred people of Ghumdhum, Tumbru and Konapara have taken shelter in shelters.

It is feared that the situation on the Ghumdhum-Tumbru border may get worse around this border conflict, so the Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban Shah Mojahid Uddin has ordered the evacuation of 240 families of the Naikshyongchari border of Bandarban to shelters.

On Tuesday afternoon, he visited the Ghumdhum border area of ​​Naikshyongchari in Bandarban and gave these instructions to the local administration in front of the Ghumdhum Union Parishad. Later, the Deputy Commissioner told reporters that due to the ongoing situation inside Myanmar at the Bandarban-Myanmar border, instructions have been given to take the students and 240 families living in high-risk areas along the border to safe shelter. At the same time, schools along the border will remain closed until the situation normalizes.

He also said that the upcoming SSC exam center will be changed from Ghumdhum to Naikshyongchari Sadar if necessary. During this time, he requested the journalists to be more careful and present the news at any point of the border and collect news from a distance from the exploded and unexploded firearms.

Bandarban Superintendent of Police Saikat Shaheen was with him at that time.

When reporters asked him about the border issue, Superintendent of Police Saikat Shaheen said that all the law and order forces, including the district administration, are working together. Manpower and intelligence surveillance have already been increased to prevent infiltration at the border. Apart from this, every effort is being made to take the local people to safe shelter.

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