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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed the police to be prepared to combat new crimes alongside technological advancements

During a speech at the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday (February 29) addressing senior police officials, she stated this.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “As technology advances, new types of crimes emerge. We are witnessing new forms of crimes in increasing numbers. To effectively combat them, our police force must be prepared. We are attentive and cautious in this regard because if the method of combating crime does not work in parallel with the crimes themselves, then it becomes ineffective.”

She added, “Regardless of gender or age, whoever is present in any workplace, their welfare and service should be taken care of. This is what everyone desires.”

Referring to the police as friends of the people, the Prime Minister commented, “Our police force is now working as friends of the people. Nowadays, people no longer fear as they used to; they have regained trust. People now view the police as their friends and as a symbol of trust. This belief and trust of the people must be earned.”

Sheikh Hasina mentioned, “Crimes such as setting fire, killing police, and throwing them into fire, these incidents are not dealt with properly, which is leading to prolonged trials. I believe if swift actions and punishments are taken against those who commit such crimes, they will not dare to do so in the future.”

She stated, “In the future, no one should be able to attack the police in such a manner, whether in the name of politics or terrorism. No one should be able to take the law into their own hands, nor should lawlessness prevail. They should not be able to harm people’s lives and national assets. The police must remain steadfast in this regard and play their appropriate role whenever necessary.”

Discussing the progress of the country, the Prime Minister said, “Since coming to power in 2009, we have returned power to the people. Ensuring the peace and discipline of the people, the economic and social development of the people, this is our goal. We work towards this goal. We declare in elections and we fulfill our promises in every term.”

She added, “Since the establishment of the current government, the democratic trend has remained uninterrupted, which has transformed Bangladesh from a backward country to a developing one.”

Condemning the Israeli attacks on Palestine, Sheikh Hasina said, “Bangladesh has expressed strong condemnation against the attacks and atrocities on Palestine. I have protested in every forum. The inhuman atrocities and genocide against Palestinian children and women, not only that, but also attacks on their food, healthcare, hospitals, and even where relief is distributed, are being carried out. Such heinous and anti-human actions cannot continue. Its impact is affecting the global economy. We are also facing the consequences. Although we are trying to tackle it.

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