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The Prime Minister reiterated the importance of ensuring the dignified repatriation of the Rohingya.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated the importance of ensuring the dignified repatriation of forcibly displaced Rohingya refugees to their own land in Myanmar.

During a meeting with international legal experts on climate change legislation at the Parliament House on Monday (March 4), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasized this point while speaking with Dr. Payam Akhavan, an international legal expert on climate change legislation.

The Prime Minister stated that it is essential to ensure the dignified return of forcibly displaced Rohingya refugees to their own land.

Sheikh Hasina reaffirmed Bangladesh’s stance of not allowing the use of its territory for any form of insurgency, expressing confidence in Bangladesh’s policy and affirming that it will not allow anyone to do so in the future.

At the end of the discussion, the Prime Minister’s speechwriter Mr. Nazrul Islam briefed the journalists on these matters.

Quoting the Prime Minister, he said that the situation of forcibly displaced Myanmar citizens (Rohingya) is complex due to internal conflicts in Myanmar.

The Prime Minister noted that the Rohingya have become a significant burden for Bangladesh, mentioning that the influx of Myanmar citizens into Cox’s Bazar has turned the local population into a minority, causing damage to our environment.

She emphasized the need to keep Rohingya youth away from any criminal activities, mentioning that the government has arranged improved housing facilities for one lakh Rohingya on Bhashan Char Island and has relocated 35,000 Rohingya there.

She also mentioned that some Rohingya groups have been involved in criminal activities such as arms, human, and drug trafficking, which is a matter of great concern for Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina thanked Dr. Payam Akhavan for his assistance in preparing Bangladesh’s legal presentation at the ICJ regarding the obligations of various states to ensure climate security.

At this point, Dr. Payam Akhavan told the Prime Minister that Bangladesh has emerged as a global leader in climate justice.

The Prime Minister said that without depending on anyone, Bangladesh has established the Climate Trust Fund after COP-15.

She added that apart from this, Bangladesh has undertaken various initiatives for the development and mitigation of climate change, especially in the development of the Green Belt for the security of the coastal areas.

The Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mr. M. Tofazzel Hossain Mia, was present at the time.

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