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The Crown Princess of Sweden is currently in Khulna.

The Crown Princess of Sweden, Crown Victoria, is currently located in the upazila of Koyra in Khulna. On Tuesday (March 19), at 8 o’clock in the morning, she landed at the helipad in the Nayanee field of Gilabari area of Maheshwari Union.

It is known that she will visit six places including Maheshwari Union Parishad, Maharajpur Union Parishad, and Madinabad Digital Post Office. She will arrive at Kapotaksha College ground at 12 o’clock. From there, she will depart for Kuora. In a short time, she will visit two areas at risk due to climate change and listen to the feelings of vulnerable people and observe livelihood programs.

Kuora Thana’s Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mo. Mizanur Rahman said that in view of the arrival of the national guest in Kuora, 1,600 police personnel have been deployed at 500 locations. In addition, arrangements have been made for all security measures including RAB, BGB, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and intelligence surveillance.

Notably, Crown Princess Victoria will witness the quality of life of the local people in the coastal region combating climate change. At the same time, she will observe the transformation program of digitalization in Maharajpur and Maheshwari Union Parishads. Moreover, by inaugurating the Madinabad Smart Post Center and focusing on the role of businesses, she will oversee progress in the implementation of SDG and address the ongoing challenges facing resilient Kuora.

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