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In the intense heat, few venture outside unnecessarily.

 Ikbal Hossen, a resident of the Purbag area of the capital, came to the Hatirpool market to do some shopping. He mentioned that it’s nearly impossible to stay outside for too long in this heat.

There was a task at hand, so I went out. After finishing work, I quickly returned home.

Similar comments were made by private jobholder Jahid Hasan. He said that even in such scorching heat, one has to go out. If you stay outside for training, you feel like you’ll have a stroke.

Many are refraining from going out to avoid the severe heatwave.

On Thursday (April 25), the main roads and important points of the capital were deserted.

The entire country is reeling under the impact of the intense heatwave, with a heat alert issued. The heat on the roads is so severe that it’s becoming unbearable to go outside. People are not venturing out of their homes without urgent needs. Consequently, there’s much less public activity in Dhaka’s congested and bustling areas compared to usual times.

The number of people going out has decreased, resulting in reduced sales in area-based shops. Some tea vendors mentioned that no one comes to drink tea in this heat. Some come and have cold water or soft drinks instead. The street vendors say that the number of buyers has significantly decreased in the suburbs. Mainly, the number of buyers increases after sunset.

The impact of the heatwave is also noticeable in Dhaka’s public transport. Usually, Dhaka’s buses are crowded all the time. However, most buses during midday are nearly empty.

Passengers say that inside the bus, the situation becomes suffocating due to the heat. The heat radiates from the tin roofs. Many are reaching their destinations by alternative means or opting for CNG or motorcycle rides to beat the heat. Many are also preferring to take the metro rail to enjoy the air conditioning.

According to the weather department, an intense heatwave is prevailing in Dhaka, which may continue unabated. The nighttime temperature may remain almost unchanged throughout the country. The excess of water vapor can cause discomfort.

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