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State Minister: The Malaysian Labor Market Will Not Close

The Malaysian labor market will not close, stated the State Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury. He mentioned that the government is working to obtain quotas again. “We have contacted Malaysia. Insha’Allah, the Malaysian labor market will not close. The labor market in Malaysia will open and remain open,” he said.

On Thursday (May 16), the State Minister made these comments in response to journalists’ questions after the “Send-off Program” for workers going to Malaysia through BOESL at the Victory-71 Hall of the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, which facilitates their migration completely free of cost.

He said, “Under the current quota, the Malaysian government has imposed an entry deadline for workers from 14 countries, including Bangladesh, by May 31, 2024. The government is working to send workers to Malaysia within the specified timeframe according to the quota. We have sent a letter requesting an extension of the deadline for sending workers to Malaysia. However, if they do not extend the deadline based on our request, it will not be a problem because we are working towards the target date of May 31.”

The State Minister expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for the noble initiative of sending workers to Malaysia without any migration costs. “You are our country’s ambassadors, and through you, the image of the country will be brightened. I hope you will work properly for the country. The money you earn should be sent home through proper channels. The government has arranged Remittance Awards for those who send remittances legally,” he added.

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