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Prime Minister’s Assurance of All Kinds of Assistance to Compensate for Rimale’s Damage

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assured all necessary assistance to compensate for the damages caused by Cyclone Rimale, saying, “We are with you; we will do whatever is necessary.”

She made this statement on Thursday (May 30) afternoon at the Government Mojahar Uddin Biswas Degree College field in Kalapara, Patuakhali, after distributing relief among the cyclone-affected people.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “The Awami League is always dedicated to working for the people of the country. We are with you, will remain with you, and will provide all kinds of assistance needed.”

Highlighting various measures taken by the government, the Prime Minister said, “The roads that have already been damaged are being repaired. Alongside, the embankments that have been broken are being rebuilt. We have started this work so that we can complete these embankments before the rainy season to save people from flooding or water surges.”

She said, “Those whose houses have been destroyed, we have instructed to take stock. Wherever houses have been damaged, arrangements will be made so that they can repair or rebuild their houses. At least you can trust us on this.”

Sheikh Hasina added, “Due to the tidal surge, the water in many ponds has become saline. In some places, fish enclosures have been washed away. Fortunately, the paddy harvesting had finished. But still, for the vegetables and crops that have been damaged, we will provide the necessary seeds, fertilizers, and other materials for the farmers to replant.”

The Prime Minister emphasized, “Cyclones, floods, and tidal surges naturally occur in our country. The most important thing is to save human lives. Things can be replaced, but lives cannot.”

The four-time Prime Minister stated, “Today, we can stand by people during disasters and crises because we have continuous democracy. Continuous democracy leads to socio-economic development. There is no need to discuss the country’s development today; you know it yourselves. We have arranged roads, bridges, electricity—everything for you.”

She further mentioned, “This time the tidal surge was very unusual. We have built cyclone shelters where people have found safe refuge. We have distributed disaster-resistant houses among the landless and homeless. As a result, people at least had a place to take shelter. We have also arranged shelters for animals. We want the people of this region to be free from this disaster. We know that this region is always disaster-prone.”

The Awami League president said, “The government is doing whatever is necessary to ensure people’s basic needs—food, clothing, housing, healthcare, and education.”

Highlighting the government’s various initiatives, she said, “The overall development of this region has been possible because the Awami League government has come to power. Many were in power before, but no one paid attention to this area! The people of this region constantly fight with nature to survive. They are constantly engaged in a battle for life. Natural disasters will come, but our goal is to protect people and their property by facing these challenges. We are working towards that.”

The relief distribution event was presided over by Kalapara Awami League Vice-President Nirmal Nandi. Others who spoke at the event included State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Md. Enamur Rahman, Awami League Joint General Secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim, and Organizational Secretary Advocate Afzal Hossain, among others.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited several areas of Patuakhali affected by Cyclone Rimale.

She left Dhaka by helicopter at 11 a.m. and arrived in Kalapara, Patuakhali in the afternoon. Before landing at the helipad adjacent to Khepupara Government Model Secondary School, she observed the disaster-stricken areas of Mathbaria and Patharghata from close to the ground.

After distributing relief, the Prime Minister visited the Shaheed Sheikh Kamal Bridge and held a meeting with divisional level officials at the Payra Thermal Power Plant.

There, she provided directives to field-level officials on dealing with the damage caused by Cyclone Rimale and the post-disaster situation.

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