Historic Biden-Putin meeting Today
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Historic Biden-Putin meeting Today

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a summit in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday. Both sides have hinted at what could be discussed at the meeting between Biden and Putin. International experts are of the opinion that the issue of China may also come up in the talks.

The summit in Geneva will be the biggest event on the global geopolitical stage this year. This is Biden’s first meeting with Putin since becoming president. However, relations between Washington and Moscow remain tense on various issues.

Russia has already added the United States to its list of unfriendly countries. Russia and the United States have both agreed that relations between the two countries are at an all-time low.

No country now has an ambassador from another country. US sanctions have also been imposed on senior Russian officials. The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia over its occupation of the Crimean-peninsula and Russia’s interference in other countries’ elections.

The White House press secretary said the two leaders would discuss various important issues in detail. These include cyber-attacks, human rights, Ukraine, the disarmament treaty, Syria, Iran’s nuclear program, Belarus, and more.

The meeting is expected to discuss multiple issues. But China may be the most important issue. Biden is in talks with various parties on how to form an alliance against China. The issue has also come up at the recent G7 and NATO meetings. The issue could also be discussed at the EU-US meeting. The United States is also interested in talking to Russia about this. However, experts believe that mentioning China directly will not be discussed at the meeting. But the matter will be brought up for discussion anyhow.

America does not want to be friends with Russia. Putin may never be Biden’s friend. But Putin will not side with China in the China-US conflict, that’s all the US wants to make clear.

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