Biden and Putin conveyed the message of compromise
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Biden and Putin conveyed the message of compromise

Joe Biden had a face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since taking power in the United States. The Putin-Biden meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, decided a lot of important issues. These two top leaders of the world have said that nuclear war must be avoided at any cost.

Biden said, “I have outlined my agenda to President Putin,”. It’s not against Russia or anyone, it’s for the American people. As Americans, the issue of human rights will always be on the table. Putin has also shown a friendly attitude. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows the consequences of interfering in US elections or carrying out cyber-attacks.

Asked if human rights were being violated in Russia, Putin said he was not obliged to abide by Washington’s human rights law. He does not want America to be the head of his country’s internal affairs. Putin has also commented on multiple incidents in the United States since the capital, Black Lives Matter.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met for about five hours. After the meeting, Biden showed thumbs Up that the meeting had been effective. According to Putin, Biden is a prudent politician and administrator.

After the bilateral meeting, both Russia and the United States said that the two leaders had made important decisions on nuclear war. They say it is not possible to win a nuclear war, so it is better not to get involved in that war. At the same time, the two sides also talked about arms control. In the near future, the administrative officials of the two countries will hold the next meeting and reach an agreement on this issue. Putin said he would work to make the deal last, at least until 2024.

It remains to be seen how close these two powerful countries will come after the Biden-Putin meeting. And if it is possible, the whole world will benefit.

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