The Prime Minister gifted 53,000 houses to landless families
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The Prime Minister gifted 53,000 houses to landless families

As per the promise made by the Prime Minister to give new houses to all the landless and homeless helpless people in the year of Mujib, houses will be given to 53 thousand landless and homeless families in the second phase today.

On Sunday (June 20), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the second phase of the program to provide semi-permanent houses with free two hundred acres of land to these landless and homeless families through video conferencing from Ganobhaban. There are plans to provide more than 1 lakh landless and homeless families with free land and houses by December.

These houses are being provided in the second phase under the Asrayan-2 project of the Prime Minister’s Office. The field administration has already completed all the preparations.

In the first phase of implementation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s declaration on January 23, about 70,000 landless and homeless families across the country got houses with 2% land. Giving so many people free houses at once is unprecedented in the world. On the occasion of Mujib Year, the government set a target of establishing a permanent address by gifting land and houses to landless families.

Beneficiaries who have land will only get houses. Those who do not have land will get two percent land. The cost of building each house with two rooms is one lakh 61 thousand. These houses are in the same design prescribed by the government. Kitchens, attached toilets as well as tube wells and electricity connections are also being provided.

All these landless, homeless and uprooted, helpless, homeless people are not only being given houses, but also a permanent address for life including land ownership in the joint name of both husband and wife. Their socio-economic status is being enhanced through land ownership, and the quality of life has changed. It is also the empowerment of women. Everything is being arranged for the landless-homeless-uprooted, helpless people irrespective of religion, caste and creed considering the humanitarian aspect. This has been possible due to the humanity and generosity of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the father of the nation.

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