Announcement of Windows 11: All new features are coming
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Announcement of Windows 11: All new features are coming

Microsoft announced the new Windows 11 last Thursday (June 24), almost six years after the release of Windows 10.

Satya Nadela, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, jokingly referred to 11 as a ‘lucky number’ and claimed that the new Windows system is the ‘next generation of Windows’.

The design of Windows 11 has undergone major changes. First, the Start button is not in the lower left, but in the middle of the taskbar in Windows 11. However, you can move it to the left corner if you want to.

Windows 10 users will be able to update to the new operating system for free!

The good news is that Amazon is bringing its Android App Store to the new Microsoft Store, and Windows 11 PCs will be able to run these softwares automatically. In addition, developers don’t have to pay any part of the revenue if you create and sell apps in the new Windows Store.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Satya Nadela said, “Windows is constantly becoming a device that can bring all ecosystems into one framework. We want you to be able to connect your phone or other PCs as well.”

“Innovation is always about taking risks. You have to have a lot more motivation of your own than the expectation of creating its conventional demand to the customer and keep the work going,” he added.

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